Instantly test and share your OutSystems apps on mobile devices.
No need for
developer accounts
Develop, test,
Access device's
with ease
Share your
app to test
Speed up your mobile app testing
OutSystems Now is a native app for iOS and Android. Use it to quickly test your mobile app on a device as soon as you publish.
No need for developer accounts
Start testing on a device before enrolling in any paid developer’s accounts and without getting certificates or provisioning profile for your apps. No need to submit to stores.
Develop, test, iterate
Develop your application, publish and test. Modify the app with your findings and iterate. Once you publish, your app is automatically updated on the device. 
Access device capabilities
Test your apps usage of supported plugins such as using the camera to take photos or scanning bar codes, get current geoLocation, use notifications and more.
Troubleshoot with ease
Check all JavaScript logs of your application directly in OutSystems Now and troubleshoot possible issues. No need to connect the device to your computer. 
Share your app to test
Anyone with the link to the app can start testing it. The link will either lead you to install OutSystems Now or just open the shared app. All without a single app package changing hands.
Get OutSystems Now
Install OutSystems Now from Apple Store or Google Play on your
mobile device and start testing and sharing your apps.
Once you’ve installed OutSystems Now...
Scan QR code to open your app
Find the QR code on your app’s page in
Service Studio or in the app’s preview
in the browser.
Test and troubleshoot
Change your code if needed and
publish. Next time you check your app
you will have the new version.
Share with others 
Involve others easily in the app testing
by sharing the app with them. No need
for app packages.
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I still have a customization of OutSystems Now?
The old version of OutSystems Now will remain open source and you can customize it. This version of OutSystems Now is a developer tool and cannot be customized. OutSystems 10 empowers users to easily generate a fully customized mobile app.

If you still want to do a customization and need more information, you can check out our older documentation about it.
I already have a customization. What will happen?
You can still use your customization just like today. However, we will not upgrade the open source code. This implies that security improvements or updates to Cordova will not be included in the Open Source version of OutSystems Now and you’ll have to be alert and keep your app up to date.
Native capabilities
What Mobile Plugins are included?
Not all Cordova plugins are included in OutSystems Now. There’s a list of supported plugins that you can test in OutSystems Now. If the plugin you are trying to use is not on that list, you cannot use it in OutSystems Now.
How does it work?
OutSystems Now is based on Cordova. It uses a WebView to render your OutSystems applications and relies on Cordova plugins to access native capabilities.
OutSystems Now Modules
Will I still need OutSystems Now component from Forge?
Yes, you will need to download the OutSystems Now component from Forge.
I can no longer edit the OutSystems Now modules in Service Studio. Why?
With OutSystems 10, OutSystems Now is part of the extended product. It’s included in the development lifecycle and to assure we provide our users the best experience, we’ve closed the modules. You can clone them and edit at your will if you use a customization of the previous version of OutSystems Now.
I use OutSystems Now for platform 9 applications. Will it still work?
Yes. You can access your platform 9 applications in the new OutSystems Now just like you used them in the previous version.
Do I need to upgrade anything to start using it?
You need to make sure you have an OutSystems Now version on your server that is recent enough. You can learn about the different versions here.
What are the “Console logs”?
As a developer tool, OutSystems Now accelerates the troubleshooting of your application and helps you improve the development and testing lifecycle of your application. The console logs have all the JavaScript logs for your application.
Can I still check the old documentation for OutSystems Now?
Yes: you can check it out here.
What’s the support for Windows?
With OutSystems 10 you can build responsive web apps that run on Windows devices. These apps run in a native shell and leverage the device sensors capabilities. We provide the source code of the previous version of OutSystems Now that you can use to build your native shell. You can find more information about it here. The new OutSystems Now was designed to test mobile applications and is not available on Windows.